THIRD EYE PSYCHIC SURGERY WORKING WITH AZAZEL …. Everyone has hidden psychic abilities that are locked away and repressed under layers of doubt and fear in their third eye. Most people will never realize these abilities or be able to work at developing them… What would you do if a high level Demon came to you and gave you an amazing gift allowing you to awaken these abilities and experience your sixth sense like you never have before?

Lucifer Seed … The Lucifer seed spell is a seed of Lucifer, a piece of him planted in your heart, which gives you a direct way of connecting to him. People have always prayed to their patron deities, the Luciferian seed allows for a prayer-like communication with Lucifer that is unique and can be answered immediately with an outpouring of heka(1).

Satanic Orb… A gift from Lord Satan, the orb increases mental clarity and focus and increases one’s mental and psychic abilities. I found that when the orb was implanted in me my energy begin to re-focus and this wave of clarity took over. I could communicate better with entities and translate the messages of the spiritual world with ease. The orb also cleanses your aura so that you have your own sense of clarity and any binding or impeding energies are banished and you are released and allowed to experience yourself and embrace true freedom.

SELF-DISCIPLINE MASTERY TOOL WITH EMERGENCY BLACK FLAME HABIT BUSTER - This is cast with a powerful magick to provide emergency tool that can be used for active prevention of unwanted behaviors, should temptation arise during specific goals you are working on mastering with self-discipline. Though once you have brought hoe this magickal, magickal the number of times you may need to use an emergency habit-busting tool will naturally decrease, it is there when you need it for additional support, energy, and also motivation to do what you want to do
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